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GuangZhou Melissa Accessories CO.,LTD

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GUANGZHOU SWEET TRADING CO.,LTD. mainly responsible for domestic and foreign trade, related clothing accessories all kinds of rope, buttons, trademarks, lace, elastic, ironing, stamping and other manual products and processing of many clothing accessories, fabrics such as lace cloth. Chiffon cloth, cotton cloth, cotton linen, sports functional fabric development and production.

Company address is located in The Fashion capital of China, Guangzhou. The office is located in the center of the fashion capital, the International Textile City. Has the most acute fashion sense and the most complete style as well as the fastest purchasing ability.

Nearbound e-commerce Co., Ltd. is mainly garment export in the early stage. In 2015, we started to use our advantages, good geographical location and rich experience to carry out the trade and export business of various clothing accessories. With excellent products, reasonable prices, punctual delivery and after-sales service, we have won the trust and support of ZARA,LOTTO,H&M and other brands. Exports to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, The United Kingdom, the United States, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and other places.